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Event Booking
January 2020

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Welcome to WINN

‘Great things happen when people get together’

Worcestershire is an innovative county and through WINN we want to celebrate and develop this.

We believe that great things happen when people get together, which is why we'd like you to join us. We are developing a community of inspirational individuals and brilliant businesses to help the region grow and become recognised nationally as a hub of innovative ideas and projects.

So, whether you want to connect, collaborate, co-ordinate or just be inspired, WINN should be your first point of call.

It doesn't matter whether you want to be innovative with your products, services or processes, or if you just want to celebrate diversity and entrepreneurship. We can help you to showcase your ideas, learn from other innovators and be inspired.

Read our blog for insights, interviews and ideas as you get involved in the CONVERSATION!

Innovation happens when we are inspired

If you want to share your innovation journey or meet with like-minded individuals, why not join us for WINN Wednesday? This networking event is the perfect opportunity to launch new ideas and collaborate with other businesses and innovators in the region.

Sometimes being innovative is just about bringing the right people together or looking at the same things with fresh eyes. So, come along to WINN Wednesday and you'll have the chance to take part in fun, creative tasks and hear from pioneering speakers, because you never know when a new idea will develop!

Join us for WINN Wednesday and we promise you'll go away feeling inspired and encouraged by the great things going on in the region.

Can't wait to get involved? Scroll down for our next WINN Wednesday event.

WINN Wednesday

2020 with WINN


WINN Wednesday
There's No PLANet B

29th January
5.00pm - 8.30pm
Worcester Arena


WINNing Connections

10th March
10.00am - 12.00pm
Hogarths Stone Manor
DY10 4PZ


WINN Wednesday
Black Mirror

15th April
5.00pm - 8.30pm
Worcester Arena


WINNing Connections

14th May
5.00pm - 7.00pm
The Kiln


Great Things
Innovation Conference

17th June
10.00am - 3.30pm
Worcester Warriors
Sixways Stadium


WINNing Connections

17th September
2.00pm - 4.00pm
WR14 3HA


WINN Wednesday
Full STEM Ahead

14th October
5.00pm - 8.30pm
Worcester Arena


WINNing Connections

19th November
9.30am - 11.30am
Spetchley Park Gardens


WINN Wednesday
Food for Thought

9th December
5.00pm - 8.30pm
Worcester Arena
There's No PLANetB

Join us on the 29th January 2020
5pm - 8.30pm at Worcester Arena.

University Arena, Hylton Road, Worcester WR2 5JN
Complimentary food and mocktails!

Our next WINN Wednesday

“There's No PLANet B”

From renewable energy and clean tech innovation, to bat highways and countywide strategies! We'll be discussing and showcasing Worcestershire's innovative solutions for a greener tomorrow!'

Why attend?

  • Say hello.....
  • Discover.....
  • Collaborate.....
  • Make a difference.....


5.00 - 5.45   Networking and Mocktails
5.45 – 5.50   Jess Antley, Welcome
5.50 - 6.10   Cody Levine / Stuart Morton, WCC / Jacobs
6.10 – 6.30   Bobbie Hemmings, Animal Biology Student
6.30 – 6.50   Liz Alston, WCC
6.50 – 7.10   Dominic Lavelle, Go Green Experts
7.10 – 7.30   Nik Spencer, HERU
7.30 – 7.35   Jess Antley, Announcements
7.35 – 8.30   Networking and Mocktails

Introducing our speakers……

Cody Levine
Principal Ecologist
Worcestershire County Council
Stuart Morton
Principal Engineer,
Technology & Lighting Lead,

Why did the Bat cross the road?

One of the key drivers of species extinction is habitat fragmentation. Much of our native wildlife, like our rarest species of bats, are highly light sensitive. For these species, our landscapes appear carved up by street lighting. Worcestershire County Council, in collaboration with Jacobs is the first in the UK to trial an innovative street lighting system for wildlife.

How does the Warndon ‘red light corridor’ work? What do highway users think about it? and why did the bat cross the road in the first place? A start to finish run through on ‘how we did it’ and ‘why’, on the A4440 Trotshill Way, Worcestershire.

Stuart is a forward thinking engineer with a manufacturing and consultancy background. He has worked on a variety of projects; PFI’s, major infrastructure projects; HS2, A14 C2H and Smart Mortorways through to lots of local authority schemes; S38 & S278’s etc and even Tunnel schemes.

Cody leads a team of ecologists and environmental managers at Worcestershire County Council. Having experience in the public, private, academic and voluntary sectors, Cody has a particular interest in using land-use planning and Green Infrastructure to help defragment the natural environment and deliver benefits for wildlife and people.

Bobbie Hemmings
Animal Biology Student

The future of the UK’s wild bee species is in our hands

Learn about the variety of wild bees, including the solitary species and the diversity that we have here in the UK and how, by raising awareness, we can help them and other pollinators by changing our lifestyles and considering theirs.

Bobbie is currently completing a degree in Animal Biology at the University of Gloucestershire. Looking at an undiscovered area, with a hope to solve a missing link, Bobbie is researching the Varroa mite and the effect it has on Apis mellifera (The Western Honey Bee) and it’s ability to produce the antibacterial properties that are found in honey.

Liz Alston
Sustainability Manager
Worcestershire County Council

Net Zero Worcestershire

Hear about how Worcestershire County Council is tackling the challenge of climate change and the innovation required to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Liz Alston leads the Sustainability Team at Worcestershire County Council, which works both within the Council and with partners, such as the Local Enterprise Partnership and Local Nature Partnership, on a range of projects and programmes aimed at cutting carbon emissions and enhancing Worcestershire’s biodiversity.

Dominic Lavelle
Managing Director
Go Green Experts Ltd

How to lower your carbon footprint & make more sales

What are carbon footprints? Why do they matter? How can we lower our footprint quickly and easily? How can we make more sales as a result?

Dominic has spent most of his career focussed on building great new products and services for consumers and worked at a senior level in New Product & Proposition development in the Energy, Insurance and Investment Management sectors. Over the past 5 years he has become increasingly interested in (and concerned about) climate change and so in September 2019 he has launched his second start-up helping consumers and SMEs go Carbon Neutral in 3 easy steps.

Nik Spencer

Mission HERU

Hear all about how The HERU puts the decision-making power of resource management into your hands, giving you the choice to reduce your energy bills and stop waste arising. 

Nik Spencer is an entrepreneur and founder of a number of successful start-ups, many within the recycling and resource management sector. The HERU is his latest invention in a lifetime’s quest to divert material from landfill and continue to find better ways to manage resources.

WINN Wednesday

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29th January 2020
5pm - 8.30pm
Worcester Arena.

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