So here at WINN we have been doing some AMAZING things and we wanted to share an update with you our wonderful community so you can get involved with us.

So here at WINN we have been doing some AMAZING things over the last month and we wanted to share an update with you our awesome community. Not only can you get involved with some of these things but you will also know the latest information from our team and the teams we work with.

What does connection mean to you?

Whether it's having a coffee with a friend, chatting with a colleague, or working as part of forward-thinking team, connection means something different to us all.

Over the last 18 months we haven't been able to connect with people in the ways we want. The Connection Project is all about bringing the Worcestershire community together through little cards.

The Connection Project

Head over to the Innovation Platform now to find out more and submit your connection card!

Proof of Concept now offering larger grants
Proof of Concept

Worcestershire Proof of Concept (or POC) is an ERDF grant fund in partnership with Central Technology Belt that has been designed to support local businesses to develop innovative new products and processes. Support is offered to applicants that aim to investigate, advance, protect or commercialise early-stage innovative business ideas.

The programme now offers grants of up to £100,000, representing 40% of the total project costs; with all costs being external to the company and are claimed retrospectively.


For more information head over to our website or contact


Innovation Platform Tips & Tricks

Innovation Platform

There are so many ways you can access the Innovation Platform.

Via desktop – Simply go to or use the QR code on the image

Or create a shortcut App version for your mobile or tablet for easy access right in your pocket;

  • iPhone – Simply open the link above in safari, click on the box with an arrow, click add to homepage and hit save! – it should appear on your home screen
  • Android – Open the link above in chrome, tap on the menu, add to home screen, enter the name and hit save! – it should appear on your home screen

Did you also know our Innovation Platform now has single sign in meaning you can now sign into the Innovation Platform using your LinkedIn, Google, Apple, or Yammer account.

Simply go to login page and select the relevant account, login as you normally would and get access to all the Innovation Platform has to offer!!


BetaDen are pleased to announce that their Cohort 5.0 applications are now open!


As Worcestershire’s Commercial Tech Accelerator, BetaDen are looking for early-stage technology companies, and innovative businesses who need help with rapid tech stack testing and developing a “Go to Market” offer for industry or investment readiness.

BetaDen can give you maximum exposure within this ecosystem and position your business at the forefront of future technology by offering access to our uniquely commercial tech accelerator programme.

For more Information head over the Betaden website


Coming Soon – The WINN SHOW DOES...

The WINN Show Does

Here at WINN, we are always wanting to try the latest in innovation & technology!!

So, over the last couple of months, we have been trying out some ways to help the Innovation mindset thrive.

We have recorded our progress, so to see how we got we got on make sure to keep your eyes peeled to our social media for updates but also make sure to get signed up the innovation platform for some extra treats.

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