Innovation Platform

In 2019 WINN were delighted to ‘pilot’ the Innovation platform since then the platform has gone from strength to strength bringing all the EDRF programmes together to collaborate in one space. The platform continues to support businesses and individuals alike showing that Great Things Happen When People Get Together.

The innovation platform reinforces crowd innovation meaning that all users can come together online 24/7 to share ideas and solve problems. Individuals can sign up to the platform, set up a personal bio and develop a business profile. Then get active on the platform, join in the conversations, respond to challenges and get answers to all your business-related questions. While you’re there share your knowledge and experience with others too.

Recently the innovation platform has been innovating itself adding some exciting new challenges for everyone to participate in as well as section specific areas. So, what are you waiting for check out the handy guide below on how to sign up and then grab your cape and click ‘Register’!


Let's Get Started

To register on the Innovation Platform click the register button below. Need help? Download the User Guide by clicking the button below.

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