WINN: Innovation Platform

WINN passionately believe Great Things Happen When People Get Together- even online, and you, our WINN community, have let us know that you want to be able to continue your conversations and idea sharing with each other after and in between WINN events!

With that in mind, since 2019, we have been delighted to ‘pilot’ the Innovation Platform. The platform supports crowd innovation and means we and the WINN Community can join in online, 24/7. Individuals can sign up to the platform, set up a profile, develop a business profile, begin conversations and respond to challenges. Our aim is to ensure that innovation is ongoing across the county, and we hope the platform will bring people together in a completely new way. Conversations can be held publicly with all members able to comment, or privacy settings can be added to protect an idea.

Recently new areas of the platform have been added including Ask - giving you the option to pose questions to our specialist advisors and Search & Find - allowing you to search through a wealth of useful information, business support and top tips from our specialist advisors. More will be added, and feedback from users will be incredibly important to develop the platform to our community’s needs.

Check out our handy guide below on how to sign up to the platform, and when you are ready, grab your cape and click ‘Register’


Let's Get Started

To register on the WINN Innovation Platform click the register button below. Need help? Download the User Guide by clicking the button below.

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