WINN are back with December’s chapter of more Penny and a Pearl tales! With endless scheduling, mulled wine and countless amounts of chocolate, this hectic month does not seem to show any sign of slowing down for business owner Imogen Mornement - nor her sewing machine.

Last week the young entrepreneur stated that weekends were a thing of the past as she busily prepared for Christmas sales, packed orders and managed the administration; whilst too squeezing in a few precious moments of macramé and then jetting off to a lecture!

Friday the 29th of November saw an online Pedddle sale - an online sales portal which opens for a limited amount of time, usually one or two hours. Imogen mentioned the amount of interest and requests from shoppers was considerable and feels this is “a spontaneous and innovative way of keeping in touch with customers”.

Keen to raise awareness of her new Christmas sewing kits, she also exhibited at The Royal Porcelain Works on Severn Street, Worcester as part of an Etsy Handmade Local Sale. With the 1852 showroom having undergone development, it is a 140-seat capacity multi-use arts and entertainment venue, adjoining ‘The Foyer’; the perfect breakout space for events like this one - hosted in ‘The Hall’.

Imogen acquired a vertical stand which she decorated with iconic Christmas themed props along with the help of her partner, Michael. The pair remained cheerful, with reindeer antlers still intact, having received footfall aplenty!

As well as a load of exhibition fun, Imogen has recently found a model to work with on her luxury Christmas designs and so is eager to get to work with Terry Livesey of DT Studios to create some very exciting promotional material.

But that’s not all folks. Imogen has also been busy with Samantha from Brand Refinery too - the brand’s new packaging is looking awesome. We are very excited to reveal all to you in the new year.

Until then, a very Merry Christmas from Penny and a Pearl!

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