Multi-skilled business owner, Imogen Mornement is not only responsible for her own brand ‘Penny and a Pearl’ but also works as a digital marketer with an independent service centre for Jaguar Land Rover whilst also working in a local family run sewing shop on Saturdays. If these are not demanding enough - Imogen is also studying Business Management at Worcester University.

We are yet to discover the tricks behind Imogen’s secrets to success, however, she did reveal a small detail - that she likes to keep her mind calm while on bus journeys with macramé and regularly engages with mindfulness activity to maintain a healthy mind.

Within the coming months, a proactive mindset will be extremely important as the young entrepreneur will be very busy developing her brand with our Make It Happen Challenge Sponsors - industry specialists from in and around the region of Worcestershire.

‘Home-spun’, ‘sensual’ and ‘luxury’ are the three key messages Imogen wishes to convey whilst developing the brand and delivering its strategy with partner organisations over the coming months.

Since receiving WINN’s Make It Happen award, Imogen has already reported having two meetings with visual marketing agency: DT Studios. Indulging in photography and video, Imogen mentioned she enjoyed working on the more creative tasks and was finally able to see a vision for her brand.

Another sponsor supporting WINN with our Make It Happen Challenge is business coach, ‘Real World Consulting’ run by Emma White. Maintaining a close relationship from the beginning, Emma inspires Imogen to stay on track and ensures she is accountable for all of her work.

“It's brilliant to be able to talk through visions and goals, Emma makes everything seem easier”.

Meetings with Marketing Agency, Brand Refinery are moving swiftly too. The two parties have decided to start re-designing the brands packaging - taking original prototypes and giving them a more professional feel.

Finding joy in receiving creative direction Imogen mentions “It is fabulous to be able to take my original ideas to new levels”.

WINN love catching up with Imogen and hearing how her journey is evolving!

To stay updated on her brand progress and hear of more exciting meetings with our Make It Happen sponsors stay tuned and watch this space.

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