Are you curious? Love finding out about new innovations? Want to understand the positive impact to Worcestershire?

Ticking all 3 boxes? Well here at WINN, so are we!

Introducing, THE WINN SHOW....

In the next 6 episodes we are going on a journey to explore all the wonderful innovation and jaw dropping knowledge that can be found right here in Worcestershire.

We will take you on a truly amazing adventure, discovering how covid has disrupted and affected the pace of innovation, spotlight our creative tech sector as well as looking at the innovation mindset and those involved in the food and digital sectors, including pioneering innovators really making a difference! Oh, and we might also see some Rhinos!

So, join us for what should truly be a celebration of Worcestershire Innovation!

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Episode 1

Here we start our journey, Keeping Everyone Together Although We Are Apart. We are looking at how covid is challenging but also helping innovations and businesses around the county.

Episode 2

Are you creative? Love technology? Well in Worcestershire Being Creative Has Never Looked So Good. We are looking at how tech is being used to bring creative collaborations together and showcasing the amazing global talent that's putting our county on the map!

Episode 3

Have you ever wondered about the mindset of The People Behind the Name of the some of the biggest Worcestershire brands? Well this is episode for you, indulge in a world of psychology and really get to know about some of our businesses and innovators!


Episode 4

Here at WINN we love food and innovation so of course we are bringing these two together and giving you a little Food For Thought along the way. Remember to bring your knife and fork for this one!

Episode 5

All innovations makes a difference whether in terms of health or even to the environment but what does this have to do with businesses and innovators in Worcestershire really Making a Difference?

Episode 6

Do you know that Worcester has the potential to be a smart city; I know we hear you WHAT IS A SMART CITY? (no need to shout!) Let's just say we are finishing our Journey on a test bed of sorts looking at connectivity, future plans and those manufacturers really Being Digital Smart.


Who doesn't love a gadget and no we don't mean Inspector Gadget; He was busy!

So, we went one better;
Amy from the WINN team! As their greatest is revealed throughout the episodes find your favourite gadget from the Did You Know section to learn more but don't worry the Rhinos don't bite

  • KEY
  • West Midland Safari and Leisure Park
  • Harmsway Studios
  • Penline Engineering
  • Aspire Academy
  • Bosch
  • Carpet Museum
  • Coomber
  • Cosy Chocolate Company
  • County Enterprises
  • Droitwich Salt
  • Pixl-latr
  • Lea and Perrins
  • Little Soap Company
  • Morgan Motor Company
  • Pershore College
  • QinetiQ
  • Rob Draper
  • The Hive
  • University of Worcester
  • Worcester Warriors

West Midland Safari and Leisure Park


The West Midland Safari Park is home to a ‘crash’ of southern white rhinos which are part of an EEP (European Endangered Species Programme) and as part of a collaboration between hundreds of European zoos have been busy behind the scenes trying to make an impact on the conservation of rhinos ensuring long-term survival which also includes an important research paper. Whilst the attractions have been closed the West Midlands Safari Park’s wildlife team have been continuing their hard work ensuring all their residents have been well cared for as well as additional tasks helping the white rhino breeding program.

Harmsway Studios

Harms Way Studios

Harms way are current running the Worcester Film Festival, a city wide event to boost local businesses as well as bringing in international talent with 250 submitted films from 36 countries. They have also been producing a Stephen King film for the festival circuit plus 7 Isolation shorts starring Ella-Rae Smith, Mathew Horne and Iwan Rheon raising money for the NHS.

Penline Engineering

Penline Engineering

Handle Smart is a self-cleaning door handle which uses rotation technology to evenly distribute anti-microbial gel to the door handle after every use providing protection from 99% of viruses and bacterial. This simple to install clean handle can deliver up to 3000 operations between refills and is one of our Worcestershire businesses receiving a WINN Proof of Concept grant demonstrating the innovation that can really emerge in such testing times.

Aspire Academy


Carpet Museum


Cosy Chocolate company

County Enterprises

Droitwich Salt


Lea and Perrins

Little Soap Company


Pershore College


Rob Draper

The Hive

University of Worcester

Worcester Warriors

Social Media